Time Lapse from my office window

Trying to take advantage of the astonishing 4 seasons we have here at Lamont-Doherty I setup an old smart phone to take pictures from my office window. My intention is then to turn these pictures to timelapse. To do so, I configured my phone to take a picture every hour during the day using these very simple tools:

  • Android OnePlus A3010 with 64 GB
  • Tasker app - Used to take a picture every hour
  • AutoInput app - Used to unlock the screen before taking the pictures . Finding out I need this app took some trial and error.
  • Foldersync app – Used to upload the pictures to my cloud every night so I don’t need to touch the phone.
  • imovie – Used to edit the pictures to a movie.
  • Convert – Used to add text to the pictuers.
In cold regions where the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can be quite extreme I suggest using some sort of isolation material to sperate the phone from the window. The easiest solution is probably cardboard. I haven’t been using any and my phone has starting to show signs of fatigue. The screen is all dented, I suspect it has to do with the temperature fluctuations it experiences.

Either way, enough said, here are some examples of how the scenery at Lamont-Doherty changes with time:

Daily, Nov 2018-May 2020:

Hourly, Spring 2020:

Hourly, Spring 2019: