• 2016-current: Doctor of Philosophy in geophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.
  • 2016: Master of Science in geophysics, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • 2014: Bachelor of Science: double major in physics and geosciences,Tel Aviv University, Israel.


  • Oryan, B., & Buck, W. R. (2020). Larger tsunamis from megathrust earthquakes where slab dip is reduced. Nature Geoscience, 1-6.
  • Oryan, B., Villinger, H., Lazar, M., Schwab, M. J., Neugebauer, I., & Ben-Avraham, Z. (2019). Heat flow in the Dead Sea from the ICDP boreholes and its implication for the structure of the basin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 210, 103-112.
  • Malinverno, A., Cook, A. E., Daigle, H., & Oryan, B. (2018). Glacial cycles influence marine methane hydrate formation. Geophysical Research Letters, 45(2), 724-732.


  • Chateaubriand fellow.
  • Dean’s fellow, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University.
  • M.Sc. excellence scholarship, Tel Aviv University.
  • Distinguished soldier award, Israeli Defense Forces.

Field and lab work

  • HT-RESIST EM research cruise, New Zeleand
  • Taking borehole temperature profile, Dead Sea, Israel
  • Measuring thermal conductivity of the ICDP Dead Sea cores, IODP core repository, Bremen, Germany.
  • Measuring thermal conductivity of the ICDP Dead Sea cores, Leibniz Institute For Applied Geophysics, Hannover, Germany.


    Other professional experience

  • Oracle data base administrator and security manager, Visa Cal Ltd.
  • Oracle data base administrator, Glasshouse Ltd.
  • Oracle data base administrator, intelligence corps, Israeli Defense Forces.